WHAT’S A tournament WITHOUT a MVP?


We are...online? That's right and still the best player will be rewarded with a brand new Mercedes-Benz! While the world’s best teams battle for supremacy at ESL One Los Angeles Online 2020, it’s up to you and our experts to decide who takes home the title of MVP ... and a brand-new car! Outstanding supports, unkillable carries, space-making offlaners or dominating mids? Who was the playmaker of a crazy comeback or who lead his team to stomp the opponents?

The Most Valuable Player of ESL One Los Angeles 2020 will be rewarded by our Premium Partner Mercedes-Benz. The player deemed the best will receive a brand new Mercedes-Benz car worth €50,000. The winner will be crowned right after all leagues of each region are concluded.

What does MVP actually stand for? MVP means most valuable player so it’s the player who made the sickest plays, most glorious kills or showed outstanding support skills.

help your favorite player to #riseon - and vote!

vote on twitter or huya

Voting for your MVP is easy. Simply message @ESLDota2’s Twitter account and go through the steps to select any player from any team.

how does it work?

  • Each regional league will have its own vote
  • The winner of each of the league will become the regions "MVP contender"
  • Voting goes live after all teams of that league have played at least once
  • best plays will be recapped, talent will call out the second and decisive round of the overall MVP

choose your mvp

Who did their best? Who deserves it to be rewarded with a brand new Mercedes-Benz? It's up to you! Who is the chosen one?

your voice counts

Fan votes matter. Fans account for 40% of the final vote, experts for 60%. Cause we can’t trust the experts to figure this out by themselves.