AhoY, your Admiral is on board!

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Kunkka is my name!

I am not the Hero you need but the hero you deserve.

Hamburg - the city with the largest port in Germany, also called the "Gateway to the World", is where ESL One will mark its spot for the third year in a row with me as their Admiral! And there is no other Hero who could accompany ESL One Hamburg 2019 better than me, Kunkka. With me by your side, you will go on a journey through 5 years of ESL One Germany history, fun trivia quests, Dota 2 themed activities and much much more. 

We're all in the same boat and the course is set!

X Marks the Spot

Let's go on a treasure hunt - both online and live at ESL One Hamburg 2019! I will prepare activities and goodies for you to be rewarded with for your help.

Did you know?

Kunkka was named after Kendrick "Kunkka" Lim and not the other way around? As tribute to his loading screens, Icefrog named the next hero after him.


Kunkka's alternate names were "CoCo", "Captain Obvious", and also "Daelin Proudmoore", who was a campaign boss in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.