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I like my uniform, but sometimes I wish Tidehunter would wear a jersey. ūüėČ


Official Valve-licensed Dota 2 merch, the newest ESL apparel and the widest range of team merchandise are all waiting for you at the ESL Shop in Hamburg!


Dota Underlords is a new stand-alone game by Valve. 5000‚ā¨ overall prize pool are waiting for you at our side tournament! More information soon.

you vs pro

Ever wondered what it'd feel like to play a match of Dota 2 against a real pro? This is your once in a lifetime chance to prove your skill and show Team Liquid's qojqva who the boss is.

Airbrush Tattoo

Support your favorite team and players at ESL One Hamburg 2019 and get their colors, nick names or team logos airbrushed all over you for the weekend!

Signing Sessions

All 12 teams and talents will have signing sessions! This is your chance to finally get that autograph you always wanted. The schedule will be published later!

fans from everywhere

Watching Dota 2 together with thousands of like-minded fans from all around the world is an experience every fan has to witness first-hand!

Partner Booths

The concourse level at Barclaycard Arena will be packed with our partners where you can play games, win prizes and try out the latest hardware!

Drawing Workshop

Bob Ross meets Dota! Join daily drawing workshops where you can take your final artwork home with you! We'll be drawing heroes, items and more!

Cosplay Contest

A huge part of our events are the amazing cosplayers that enter the cosplay contest and show off their costumes. The sign up has started!

Hero Gallery

All Dota 2 heroes and each of their lores will be scattered and displayed around the arena at ESL One Hamburg 2019 for you to find and check out!

Viewing Party

We will host a viewing party for the group stage in Hamburg! That means watching even more Dota together with awesome people. More details soon!

Help Desk

Got a question about ESL One Hamburg 2019? Our help desk team at the event know all the answers and will help you out with anything!

Chill out area

The best place to hang out with friends, relax and meet other Dota 2 fans. We offer comfy couches, charging stations, tables and board games for you!

Balloon Artist

Your fellow Dota fans in the UK loooove ballons. We are taking it a step further in Germany and will have heroes , items and more made out of balloons!

Dota 2 Signing Wall

Leave a mark, your Twitter handle, a joke, a drawing, your steam ID or whatever you want on the Dota 2 signing wall at ESL One Hamburg 2019 this year!

Information for Visitors

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