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ESL ONE Hamburg 2019

For the third year in a row, Barclaycard Arena will once again be greeting players, talent and fans for a weekend full of Dota 2 action on October 25 - 27! Get ready to dive into the world of your favorite game live at ESL One Hamburg 2019!

the hailing port

Watching Dota together with thousands of like-minded fans from around the world is an experience every fan has to witness first-hand! Every moment, every victory, and every loss feel so much more intense when you're experiencing it with an arena full of passionate fans. 

the world of dota 2

ESL One Hamburg 2019 is all about Dota 2! From the matches on stage, to all the Dota themed side activities for you to join in, and the dozens of cosplayer roaming around the venue ... everything comes together here!

Good to know:
Caster audio and commentary inside the arena will, of course, be broadcasted in English! Online viewership will not be affected.

Airbrush Tattoo

Support your favorite team and players at ESL One Hamburg 2019 and get their colors, nick names or team logos airbrushed all over you for the weekend!


Dota Underlords is a new stand-alone game by Valve. 5000€ overall prize pool are waiting for you at our side tournament! More information soon.

Cosplay Contest

A huge part of our events are the amazing cosplayers that enter the cosplay contest and show off their costumes. The sign up has started!
This is what you can expect after your arrival at Hamburg.
dive into the world of dota 2
ESL One Hamburg 2019 is all about Dota 2! From the matches on stage to all the Dota themed side activities for you to join at the event
Be close to the action
Casters, Analysts, Hosts, and Experts will all be on the in-field
where you can see them live during the live broadcast
Support your favorite team
Be loud and be proud! Show everyone which team you are supporting at ESL One Hamburg 2019 and get ready to cheer
Connect with other fans!
Meet awesome and like-minded people from all over the world at esl one Hamburg 2019 and add some new names to your friendlist
experience the thrill of esports
intense matches, breathtaking moments, and unforgettable victories! witness the Dota 2 action live from the front row
merch, merch, merch!
Shop official Valve-licensed Dota 2 merch, a wide array of team merchandise and the newest lines of apparel only at the esl shop
Signing Sessions
All 12 teams and talents will have signing sessions! This is your chance to finally get that autograph you always wanted.

Join the Clash of Clans World Championship

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