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So wait, what even is ESL One Hamburg?

ESL One Hamburg 2018 is the fifth ESL One in Germany. For the second year in a row we will be returning to Hamburg where 16 of the best Dota 2 teams will attend the group stage to make their way to the playoff - to play in front of you! Sounds great, right?

Is there a minimum age requirement to be able to attend?

Yes, you have to be 12 or older.

Okay no problem, but do tickets have fixed seating?

You may choose any seat in your ticket level. Weekend and Weekend Plus Ticket holders can even sit together in the ranks 🙂 ! But our Premium guests have the best seats in the house and sit right in the middle of the player walk-in.

Sounds fun! Does my ticket grant me access on all three days?

Of course! All currently available ticket types grant you access to ESL One Hamburg 2018 on Friday 26th, Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th.

Even more important...can I buy merchandise at the arena?

Yes, of course! There will be merchandise shops at the venue.

Okay, cool! Anything else I should know? Like Bagsize, Food & Camera rules?

The arena doesn’t allow big bags inside the venue that exceed A4 format and all bags need to be searched at the entrance, which could cause delays getting people into the Arena. And please also note that only point and shoot, or action cameras can be brought into the arena. Cameras with interchangeable lenses and DSLR cameras are not permitted as well as food items and drinks from outside.

But what am I going to eat and drink?

There is a variety of food stands and vendors directly inside the arena and you may even take your meal directly to your seat. Alternatively, you can also exit the arena and have your lunch or dinner outside the stadium and then re-enter. 

Oh, so I can leave and re-enter the Barclaycard arena? Awesome!

Sure, once you have a wristband, you can leave and re-enter as many times as you want. Last re-entry is during the last match of the day though, so make sure to come back 🙂

uhm...and what if I can't come? Can I give my ticket to a friend even though my name is on the ticket?

Yes, don't worry! The name doesn't have to be changed and you can give your ticket to your friend without any problems.


We are hyped too! See you in Hamburg ♥

*answered by kai, that GUY WHO SENDs YOU ALL THE E-MAILS.


Barclaycard Arena
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