ESL One Hamburg to feature largest set of Dota 2 broadcast innovations

ESL One Hamburg to feature largest set of Dota 2 broadcast innovations

ESL One Hamburg 2018 is right around the corner and we’ve worked on a variety of new features for the tournament broadcast to show you Pro Dota 2 like never before. From old classic or intriguing new elements, check out what we have planned!

In-Game Production

ESL One Hamburg’s ingame production will feature the largest set of tools ever used in a Dota 2 broadcast. One of the reasons is the return of PimpmuckL and bukka’s brainchild - layerth. The slick and intuitive overlays have been a staple at past ESL One events, but in addition to the amazing features provided by their API integration, ESL’s very own Broadcast Innovation Unit will spice up the viewing experience for everyone by providing old classics like player camera integration, trilane view, split screens, picture in picture, player highlight and more. In addition, access to our Super Slow Motion replays for hectic team fights and eye tracking integrated with player perspective replays will open up analysis options like never before.


This newly designed tool is the result of an exciting collaboration between ESL, SAP and Cristian Banaseanu - OG’s coach. We all know just how important the drafting phase is and thanks to a vast database of pro matches and deep data analysis, we’re prepared to shed some light into the current meta by augmenting the draft phase for all viewers. A virtual coach will help simplify the complex drafting process by providing insights into the current picks and potential counters, opening up new discussions for the analysts at the broadcasting desk.

Stage Integration

For a number of years across a multitude of Dota 2 and CS:GO tournaments we’ve had to chance to tinker and perfect the stage integration for the roaring fans in the arena. The crafted animations and light shows will work in-sync with the actions shown on the big screens. Even the LED wristbands provided on-site will play a part, allowing the attendees to become even more enraptured by the live experience.


Weatherman Purge is back! Everyone’s favorite analysis segment will make its return at ESL One Hamburg. With full support from the ESL production, Purge will have the chance to analyze in detail the nuances and intricacies of a Dota 2 match, including those that are so easy to miss during a live broadcast. Take it away, Weatherman!

We can’t wait to show off what we’ve got in store for you! You can still grab yourself a ticket to witness these innovations first hand and to stay in touch regarding all things Dota 2, be sure to follow us on both Twitter and Facebook