Second time's the charm - the new ESL One Hamburg experience

Second time's the charm - the new ESL One Hamburg experience

As recently announced, Dota 2 is coming back to Hamburg in a big way with ESL One Hamburg 2018 powered by Intel. And with it also come some changes to the tournament, the arena experience and everything surrounding the event.

Last year due to time constraints, the tournament was limited to an eight-team event. This time around we’re happy to announce that the competition will feature a full line-up of 16 teams, just like the Dota gods intended. With said increase in participating teams comes an additional arena day, giving fans an extra day to go out and watch some of the world’s best Dota 2 teams compete for ESL One glory.

The in-arena experience will also be improved, thanks to more staff being positioned within the Barclaycard Arena to help attendees with any questions regarding the layout, schedule and more. On top of that, signing session and directions will marked more clearly in the concourse, making it easier for fans to acquire those coveted signatures from the pros and casters. We’ve also been working on the design for the official event shirt for ESL One Hamburg which will be part of the goodie bags that are included in Weekend Plus, Premium and Aegis Experience tickets.

With regards to the premium tickets - the additional event day would usually entail a price increase due to an additional day of food being provided by the venue. Instead we chose not the raise the ticket prices and limiting the ticket to free drinks. This allows premium ticket holders to make their own food choice at the venue or outside (re-entry is possible at all times) without having to pay extra, while still having access to the dedicated premium lounge where free drinks and purchasable venue food are available.

Similarly to last year’s iteration, being an ESL One Hamburg ticket holder will grant you mobility within Hamburg itself by granting free HVV public transportation TO and FROM the Barclaycard Arena via bus, U-Bahn and S-Bahn. Also remaining the same are the bag policy restrictions by the venue, which dictate that no big bags that exceed A4 format will be permitted within. In addition, all stadium goers will be subject to a bag search when entering the venue for security purposes.

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