You are currently viewing ESL One DPC CIS Season 2 Qualifier Information

ESL One DPC CIS Season 2 Qualifier Information

The first season of ESL One DPC CIS is coming to an end after a month of non-stop action! We’d like to thank the teams, talent, and of course the fans for making this such an enjoyable tournament. 

The next season of the DPC begins on April 13th and runs until May 23rd:

Open Qualifiers

  • 13th - 16th March
  • 2x per region
  • Unlimited Single Elimination Bracket
  • First rounds are Bo1, later rounds Bo3
  • Top 3 from each Open Qualifier advance to Closed Qualifiers.

Closed Qualifiers

  • 18th - 21st March
  • 8 Team Double Elimination Bracket
  • All matches Bo3
  • Top 2 teams qualify to Lower Division
  • 6 teams from Open Qualifiers and the 2 Lower Division teams that dropped out of the Season 1 Lower Division.

Want to test your skills and see if you can make it to the next season? You can sign up to our Open Qualifiers here:

Make sure you’re also up to date with the DPC and ESL requirements:

  1. A DPC Roster is required
  2. The DPC roster name must be the same as it is written on ESL Play
  3. The DPC player names must be the same as they are written on ESL Play
  4. No DPC roster changes can be made for the entire duration of the Qualifiers and DPC Season 2
  5. For a team to be eligible to participate in a region, at least 3 team members must be residing in the region and participate in each match.
  6. 1 sub can be used during the Qualifiers and they must be registered before the cup starts.
  7. Participants are expected to read the full details and ruleset on the ESL Play cup pages

Keep up to date with the Open and Closed Qualifiers, as well as the main tournament, by following us on ESLDota2.