event t-shirt voting

it's in the bag ... and is your winner!

ESL One Birmingham really does take the crown when it comes to how engaging the fans, the talent, and the Dota community are. So we thought why don't we get everyone involved in some of the decision making regarding what you get out of the event. So for this year, for this event only, we tried a completely different approach for the design of the event t-shirt ... and Axe took the crown with the most votes! Every Plus and Premium guest will now get this ab-solutely amazing t-shirt in their goodie bags!

you choose the design

We know, we know. It's not that easy. All of the designs look pretty cool. But we really need to make a decision, or well, rather now you need to make that decision. So, which hero will it be?

vote on twitter

We want as many fans as possible to know that their help is needed and that everyone should vote for their favorite shirt design. That's why the votes will be linked and counted on Twitter!

get it in your goodie bag

Plus and Premium ticket holders will receive the event t-shirt with the most votes in their goodie bag at the event. We might also have a limited amount available at the ESL Shop!

the designs:


"This one's on me."

Alcohol Limit

This design's core ability is that no one in the crowd will be able tell if you spilled beer all over yourself. It is perfect for any lane, any given occasion and any Drunken Brawler. So maximize your potential today and get brewin'!


"The Axe-man comes!"

Perfect Abs

It absolutly has to be this one, right? It's perfect for confident initiators that like to get up very close and very, very personal. It will grant you a huge amount of extra bonus amour that you will definitely need at ESL One Birmingham.

Wraith king

"Take a knee, peasant."

Boss Mode

Rise and shine like the true king that you are, wreak havoc upon your mates and take a few peasants to the knee if thy wish is to do so. And a cheeky reincarnation after the first day of the event might really well come in handy ...