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Meet the fine gentlemen that will be hosting, reporting, casting, analyzing and observing the first ever Dota 2 Major in the UK! Whether you are going to be part of the live crowd at Arena Birmingham or watching at home on Facebook, those guys will be guiding you through six days of Dota.



The man of many words and crinkly shirts is finally returning! We haven’t seen him at a Dota 2 event since he hosted at TI7, but now he’s back and bringing his quick wit and British charm to Birmingham! His humorous and engaging hosting style has earned him many fans who can’t wait to see him in front of the camera again. Anything is possible when you give him a mic, from analyzing Sccc’s name to flawless transitions into American English. He’s a real mean machine!



Redeye has been a mainstay in the Dota 2 community, starting with his very first Dota 2 hosting gig back at ESL One Frankfurt 2014. Since then, he’s been on the Dota 2 hosting grind, bringing the banter to analyst desks all across the world, racking up appearances at Internationals, Majors and many more tournaments, all the way from China to the US. ESL One Birmingham 2018 will mark his eighth appearance at ESL One Dota 2 events and of course he wouldn’t miss out on the first ever UK Major, especially since there won’t be any jetlag to worry about.



The professional PUBG interviewer is back to give us all the Dota 2 sideline content we never knew we wanted. If you see him and his camera crew, just know, you aren't safe.  Whether you’re a fan, player or staff member. The Dota 2 lore enthusiast is set to work at his sixth ESL One event, mainly due to an oversight in our broadcast talent contact form which keeps sending him invites, no matter how many 5 upvote reddit threads there are against his content. Be ready for at least one mandatory tweet during the event about how much he misses his pug.



As the leading UK Dota 2 player, we felt that there was no way to have ESL One Birmingham happening without PyrionFlax. At every event where PyrionFlax is on the panel, he tries to explain that he isn’t there for any insights, but to get the conversation rolling. But he’s just being modest. We all know he’s hiding his Divine 5 account off stream and everything else is misdirection. The bald cap isn’t very convincing either.


Team fights - exciting. Team fights with tons of ultimates - thrilling. Team fights with casters losing their minds - priceless.



The man with the bottomless lungs is ready and raring to cast at the first UK Major. He’s come a long way from doing marathon 3 hour  games, but he’s lost none of that intensity. Some of the best things happen when you pair an ODPixel cast with never-ending, all-out team fights. The man simply has a way with words and never fails to entertain the viewer and crowd alike. With his appearance as Money Boy at ESL One Frankfurt 2016 we will never forget things like the Macho Man contest.



We could be filling this space with some of the countless phrases Tobi coined during his illustrious Dota 2 casting career. Or we could rattle down all the events he’s ever been a part of. Maybe we should mention every grand final that’s ever had his voice-over? What's really left to say? Birmingham will mark TobiWan’s tenth ESL One event, with him only missing out on a single one. Of course, the Brits are out in full force for the first UK Major. And if Machine, Redeye and ODpixel will be there, you can be sure that Tobi will be there to teach them proper English!



Once upon a time, Blitz said he was done with casting and yet only two months later he was back in the casting chair. Such is the life of Vegetable Esports’ shining, roaming support player. But when Blitz isn’t lying about ending his casting career or crushing NA qualifiers, he’s lending his voice to some of the most memorable series in pro Dota 2. There’s much love in the scene for the patented Blitz/Cap casting combo and ESL One Birmingham will be another chance to experience it live.



Capitalist is synonymous with ESL One. Ever since the start of the ESL One tournament series at ESL One Frankfurt 2014, Capitalist has been giving the games a voice as the only caster/analyst to attend every single ESL One event – eleven in total. While this gives us very detailed records of his varying hair and suit styles, it also shows his dedication to the game and he now has quite the frequent flier miles to back that up. So naturally we couldn’t imagine ESL One Birmingham without our well-travelled, American, airplane food connoisseur.


First you predict. Then you explain why your prediction didn’t come true.



Get fogged, Birmingham. Out of all the fog and England jokes, let’s settle for this one. As a long-standing pro that transitioned to casting, Fogged has been providing his insight for years now, most regularly seen during the DreamLeague broadcasts. His unique knowledge regarding pro strats can often be seen during the pick phase where he predicts the next pick correctly while the other experts rattle down every Dota 2 hero in alphabetical order. So if anyone can make sense of a first pick Spectre, it’ll be him. Possibly. Most likely. Like probably all the time.



Everybody’s favorite Dota 2 economics professor is back for yet another ESL One event! The ever-passionate analyst is heading into his sixth ESL One event to bring his statistical insight to the panel. And you quite simply can’t have a Dota 2 event without at least one panel segment of Nahaz’s volume slowly increasing over time as his enthusiasm about early game farming patterns ramps up to the maximum. And did you know he’s actually much younger than you think? Yep, even younger. 



Yellow everybody, this is Purge. The well dressed TI weatherman is making his way to the ever so rainy UK and is set to add his own ASMR flair to the analyst desk this May. There shouldn’t be a soul in the Dota 2 community that hasn’t heard of Purge, be it from his tutorial videos back in the days, to his various esports casting and analyst gigs, his recent teacher experiences with Day[9] and of course his vivid history as a pro gamer on the legendary Team Zephyr. 


The unsung heroes. Unless you miss a kill. Then you get name-dropped.



The man behind the scenes. Whatever he touches will inevitably be incorporated into Dota 2. Being an observer is just one aspect of his job description. If you need help with the perfect streaming setup or the best performance guides, he’s got you covered. Famous for rarely ever missing a kill while observing, nowadays he’s making a name for himself thanks to his pet project, layerth, which helps take in-game features for esports events to the next level. You know what he can do with one monitor. Just wait until you give him nine.



Dota 2’s record keeper. Whenever you hear casters wondering whether certains feats have never been done in the history of Dota, Noxville will be quick to set the record straight. Quickest ever Radiance time? Highest net worth at 25 minutes? Most last hits on a Skywrath Mage while playing on Dire during an elimination game? Those are just some of the things our resident statsman will be updating us about through in-game and production statistics. Him and Nahaz simply agree on everything.

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