ESL One Rio Qualifiers

ESL One Rio Qualifiers

With the ESL One Rio Open Qualifiers about to commence, now’s the perfect time to show which teams will be invited to the Closed Qualifiers in March, as well as go over some of the important info you’ll need to know!

The Open Qualifiers

These Qualifiers will kick off with the EU and NA regions today at 6pm CET, with other regions having different starting times and dates. To check what time your region’s qualifiers start, check out the official ESL One Rio website here

Each Open Qualifier will send the two top teams to the respective region’s Closed Qualifier in March.

CS:GO Major Rulebook Reminder

  • Make sure to check and read through the full rulebook.
  • All matches will be played on the latest versions of the maps in the Active Duty map pool
  • All VAC banned players are not allowed to participate in the CS:GO Major, they are also not allowed to help any teams participating in any way (e.g. coaching, analyzing).
  • The use of custom agent models will not be restricted for a CS:GO Major.
  • A title sponsor is only allowed to be used in the name of one participating team and must be determined before the start of the Minors.

The Closed Qualifiers

Teams that qualify from the Opens will advance to the Closed Qualifiers, alongside several invited teams. These teams have primarily been invited based on their ESL World Ranking as well as additional factors such as other rankings, and recent results. The full invites are as follows:

EU: fnatic, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Heroic, MAD Lions, GODSENT, OG, Movistar Riders, Team Heretics

NA: FURIA Esports, Cloud9, eUnited, New Identity, Gen.G Esports, Riot Squad, Triumph, Chaos Esports Club

CIS: forZe, Team Spirit, Hard Legion, Gambit Esports, Syman Gaming, pro100, HellRaisers, Winstrike Team

SA: INTZ eSports, DETONA Gaming, Isurus Gaming, Sharks Esports

OC: Renegades, ORDER, AVANT, ex-Genuine Gaming

EA: AUGUST, MVP, Absolute, Mazaalai

CN: TYLOO, Vici Gaming, Rising-Stars, Lynn Vision

SEA: Bren, BTRG, Lucid Dream, Alpha Red

ME: NASR, Yalla, og3od, Goliath Gaming

The top teams from the Closed Qualifiers will advance to their respective ESL One Rio Minors.

You can find out the specifics about both Open and Closed Qualifiers here

Teams that may have ineligible players, coaches or analysts that ESL is aware of have been contacted to comply with the CS:GO Major rules of VAC banned players starting with their journey in the ESL One Rio CS:GO Major.

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