Viewing Party

watch the group stage live at waypoint Cafe NYC

welcome to the waypoint Cafe NYC - the home of gamers

You are invited - to the official viewing party! We partnered up with our friends at "Waypoint Cafe NYC" and will be bringing the amateur tournament and all the group stage matches live on many screens at the Lower East Side. That means three days of watching awesome matches together with like-minded fans from around the world before the real action kicks off at Barclays Center on the weekend.

Everyone is welcome to join the official viewing party. Even casuals! ♥

free entry

The entry for the viewing party at Waypoint will be free on all days!

Food for all

Yummy – get your favorite Drinks, Sandwiches, Salads, Pastries or other Snacks for fair prices. For all early birds they also offer 4 different kind of breakfasts. 

what's Waypoint Cafe NYC?

Waypoint Cafe NYC is New York's premier gaming cafe. Everything is about gaming here! With cheap snacks and drinks, over 30 PCs, and even more community members, this is your place to be! 

is there a minimum age to enter?

No! There are no age requirements to enter the waypoint! If you want to play one of the most popular games like CS:GO, Dota, Fortnite or many more  we still have to check for the age requirements to be sure that everything is fine to the US law restriction.

and why do we do this?

Because we know a lot of fans travel to New York a few days before the event starts. So why make them all sit in their hotel room when they could meet up and watch the group stage together? 

Amateur Tournament on Sunday, September 23rd

PARTICIPATE and win free tickets for ESL One NY2018!

Show us what you've got. Sign up for the NY Waypoint Masters live at Waypoint Cafe and prove your skills in the offline tournament at 10 AM EDT. The top 3 teams will be rewarded with tickets to ESL One New York 2018!


Waypoint will open at 8:00am on all three group stage days and broadcast either both the main or secondary stream!

Wednesday, September 26th

08:00 am – Waypoint door opening

10:30 am – Preshow

11:00 am – Group A Match #1|2 (Bo3)

14:30 pm – Group B Match #1|2 (Bo3)

18:00 pm – Group A Elimination Match (Bo3)

Thursday, September 27th

08:00 am – Waypoint door opening

10:30 am – Preshow

11:00 am – Group B Elimination Match (Bo3)

14:30 pm – Group A Winner Match (Bo3)

18:00 pm – Group B Winner Match (Bo3)

Friday, September 28th

08:00 am – Waypoint door opening

10:30 am – Preshow

11:00 am – Group A Decider Match (Bo3)

14:30 pm – Group B Decider Match (Bo3)

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