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From a small online league in the raw and early days of competitive online gaming, to the world’s leading esports Company – that’s ESL. In 2014, the best Dota 2 teams competed in front of thousands of fans in the first ever stadium event in Frankfurt’s Commerzbank-Arena. In 2015, 14.000 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive lovers gathered in Cologne’s LANXESS Arena to watch their favorite players go for gold at the major – today, the LANXESS Arena is the Cathedral of Counter-Strike.

We have one big mission: To grow esports, to do this for everyone who loves gaming. The fans, the players, the creators around the world. We're here to create electrifying, unforgettable and legendary events to you – the fans! 

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ESL One New York 2017 saw FaZe Clan put on one of the most dominant performances at a tier-one tournament in CS:GO history. The newly assembled European mix came to New York and completely thrashed each opponent they faced. The first casualties were VP and Astralis in the group stage. Moving on to the playoffs, FaZe demolished Cloud9 in the semis and Liquid in the grand final. Not only did they not lose a single map all tournament long, but they only gave up double digits once against Liquid. The entire scene quivered in fear and terror as this monstrosity of a team showed what happens when five all-stars form a functioning team – domination!

ESL One New York 2016

It is difficult to believe, but ESL One New York 2016 was Na’Vi’s very first and to this day only $250.000+ CS:GO title. s1mple joined the Ukrainian roster only two months earlier and big things were expected. They bombed out in last place of their first LAN event together, SL i-League. Next up, ESL One New York, where they unravelled their full wrath for the first and only time. They went through the Swiss group stage with a clean 3-0 slate after beating Liquid, VP and SK with ease. After two BO3 nail-biters in the playoffs, against Liquid in the semis and VP in the finals, finally Na’Vi had earned the right to lift a major CS:GO trophy high over their heads – GuardiaN’s tears were proof of what it meant to them!

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