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live at esl one cologne 2018

Meet our fine talent that will be hosting, reporting, casting, analyzing and observing live from the Cathedral of Counter-Strike and bringing you all the action of the most prestigious CS:GO event in the world! Whether you are going to be part of the live crowd at LANXESS arena or watching at home, those guys will be guiding you through six days of CS:GO.


Stage Host

Are you ready? Wait, he can't hear you! Are you ready now? Okay, good! After missing the last two years, the one and only OJ Borg will be hosting the stage at the LANXESS arena once again and welcome the best teams and the best fans in the world to a full weekend of CS:GO action live in Cologne. So Ladies, Gentlemen and Helicopters, please get ready for OJ Borg and ESL One Cologne 2018. Because he is going to ask if you are really ready for this. Like, probably a few times? READY SET, CS:GO!



The man of many words and crinkly shirts is once again returning to  claim his throne at the Cathedral of Counter-Strike as our King of the desk this year! Machine will guide our viewers through six days of CS:GO action and try to keep the banter between his fellow analyst collegues at an all time high for our entertainment. So be prepared, anything can happen and something will definetly happen if you give this Brit a microphone. Just please remember to mute it the next time ... ;-)))))))


sideline reporter

Stunna does everything from funny and serious interviews with players, never seen before sideline content around the event or questionable interactions with fans involving a crown, an Aussie and a shoey. But the former US Army infantry sergeant has also been promoted this year: to the official ESL One Cologne bodyguard. So please - purely for your sake - don't try to interrupt one of his interview with a body slam and a beach ball again like that one guy last year. Baaaaaaaaaaad idea, dude.


Team fights - exciting. Team fights with tons of ultimates - thrilling. Team fights with casters losing their minds - priceless.



The voice of some of the most memorable plays in professional CS:GO: Sadokist. The 29-year-old Canadian commentator who got his start casting ESEA online matches has talked his way up to become best caster Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has ever heard thanks to his unmatched way with words, on screen charisma and perfect timing for building hype. And together with HenryG, the dynamic duo has easily become the favorite casting pair in all of esports to old and new fans.



Henry Greer is the other half of the best casting duo in the world and his analytic style is the perfect addition to Matt's play-by-play commentary.  He analyzes economic decisions on the go, points out strategical set-ups before they are happening and is a lover of good smoke/flash executes. He describes himself as a sweet and tender hooligan and is in an ever-lasting clash with SPUNJ that had its climax during the Team UK vs Team Australia showmatch at IEM Sydney 2018 ... which he lost, by the way.



Girls just wanna have fun. And Lauren definitely always has the most fun when headshots are flying around left, right and center while casting matches or playing herself ever since she started with commentating Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory or going pro in Call of Duty 4 Promod back in the days. 2018 will mark her fifth year in a row that she is casting ESL One Cologne, meaning she didn't miss a single one since the event first kicked off and turned into the most prestigious tournament series ever.



Majestic, graceful, the national emblem of the United States of America. The Bald Eagle. Also known as Jason O'Toole. Also known as moses. The 31-year-old has always been heavily involved in the North American CS scene since the early days and only has one goal: make NA CS:GO great again. But he also frequently leaves his nest to fly around the world and attend all major CS:GO events as either analyst or caster ... or as a victim of almost too many creamy pie incidents by now. Mhmmmmmmm, pie!


First you predict. Then you explain why your prediction didn’t come true.



The man, the myth, the legend. Player turned Analyst. Australian turned German. Surrounded by the ever lasting mystery of what the hell is actually going on with his hair all the time, SPUNJ has quickly made his way up to the top of every analyst desk at ESL events (what a shill ...) and brings his mix of deep in-game knowledge, Crocodile Dundee flair and laid-back attitude to each and every show he does. So, naturally we just had to swipe right when it came to deciding if we want him in Cologne.



Before Janko started to grace the desks of every major CS:GO event with his insights, he used to sit behind the stage in the production room and observe the matches back in 2015 - if he didn't play himself. But he slowly developed a taste for very fancy suits and a dry wit that usually only weathermen are known for. That and his knowledge inside and outside the game have made YNK one of the best CS:GO analysts in the world. So suit up, Cologne. The forecast for July is looking real fancy.



If you manage to piss off as many people, and even whole countries as Thorin did, you need a safe space - a good one. And what better place than the Cathedral of Counter-Strike where nothing is true; everything is permitted and the banter writes itself. Well, here is a first penny for Thorin's Thoughts: How many roster changes does it take for Virtus.Pro to come back to life, and win events? If someone can answer that, it is the #1 esports historian and CS:GO expert. Screw your #FanLogic. 


The unsung heroes. Unless you miss a kill. Then you get name-dropped.



The name is Kuntz, David Kuntz. And it's more than just a name. It's a promise to analysts, commentators, and the viewers that no kill and no tactical team execute will be missed on any map. And how easy it would all be if it wasn't for DJ's greatest villian, the Ernst Stavro Blofeld of CS maps so to say, the spectre of what once used to be our all time favorite back in the good old days ... de_nuke. The ultimate powerplant for all kinds of disaster if picked at any offline event. But Kuntz to the rescue!



Marketing Guru for Team Dignitas by day, world-class CS:GO observer at night, and savior of greek cats in-between. Heather is veteran member of the Counter-Strike community and has achieved what others can only dream of as player, observer, and catlady. If you have ever watched a big CS:GO tournament where not a single in-game kill was missed, well you can go and thank her right now. It's all her doing. Seriously go and thank her right now ... and join the movement #observersagainstnuke
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