SPECIAL EVENT, Special Guests!

The best teams, the best casters, the best crowd and the best chance to meet all of your favorite streamers, players and YouTubers: ESL One Cologne 2018 has it all! Where else would you see TrilluXe riding a bull outside between games, 3kliksphilip going absolutely wild next to you in the crowd, casually meeting BananaGaming in the bathroom or having your foot signed by Spiidi and Denis at the camp party ...

What happens in Cologne, only happens in Cologne!


CS:GO is love. CS:GO is life. TrilluXe has been a very active content creator on Twitch and YouTube focusing on Counter-Strike for more than 5 years. He uploads everything from helpful in-game tutorials to crazy case openings and fun challenges... if he and his #TeamSchweineaim aren't busy just straight up trolling or tryharding in Matchmaking on an everyday basis, and in July the trolling - and tryharding - will reach new and unknown heights when TrilluXe arrives at ESL One Cologne 2018. HNL!


Tweeday is one of the biggest German CS:GO YouTubers and also one of the most recognizable esports personalities in the world. When he’s not dealing out headshots on Mirage or Dust 2, you’ll most likely find him grinding at the gym. On really rare occasions such as ESL One Cologne, you’ll be able to spot Tweeday in his natural habitat amongst his adoring public. You don’t want to miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity, so grab some friends and go on the hunt to catch Tweeday at ESL One Cologne 2018!

timo "spiidi" richter

Best known for his time in PENTA Sports and mousesports, Spiidi is one of Germany's most experienced CS:GO players around. Having won several titles in ESL Meisterschaft, ESL’s National Championship in Germany, one alongside FaZe Clan’s star player NiKo, Spiidi joins the crowd in Cologne to enjoy the event and witness world class CS:GO. You might spot him alongside his partner in crime and Sprout team mate, denis, who will be at ESL One Cologne 2018 as well!


3Kliksphilip is one of the smartest CS:GO YouTubers in the world (if not actually the smartest) and can always put a smile on your face with his hidden jokes! If he is not analyzing setups and gameplay or trying out different theories he hand-crafted, you'll find him travelling around the world to various events and meet ups with his fans! He loves to take the time to meet up with his audience and have a short chat, you might also spot him cheering alongside you in the audience at ESL One Cologne 2018!


Like Spiidi, Denis is one of the big names when it comes to German CS:GO. While only holding one title in the ESL National Championship of Germany, he was the last German starting player of mousesports before their transition to a fully international roster. Now he and Spiidi join forces once more not only playing for Sprout and trying to make the big breakthrough with their new team, but also in celebrating the matches of ESL One Cologne 2018!


If you have ever set your mind on improving your gameplay in CS:GO, then you have probably seen a video of BananaGaming. Whether it’s picking the right cross hair, learning how to bunny hop or how to improve your game settings, the English and French speaking Swede will help you in all situations. At this year’s ESL One Cologne you will have the chance to tell him merci beaucoup, tack så mycket or simply thank you in person, if you manage to spot him!


We will announce more Special Guests very soon!

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