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The Community Hub will kick off for the first time ever at ESL One Cologne 2018 where a few employees from ESL's headquarter in Cologne will meet up with you - yes, talking to YOU here -  on Saturday, 7th of July at the ESL One Camp to talk about anything and everything ESL and esports related. 

Apply for one of the 15 limited slots, tell us why you just have to be there and be part of the first face-to-face meeting: 


what we're offering:

open discussions

Find out why things are the way they are - and what kind of challenges we have to face everyday when it comes to creating legendary esports events and moments all across the globe for players, creators and fans alike. It might look very easy from the outside, but it really isn't. Really.

become an insider

We're a bunch of passionate employees who want to make a difference when it comes to engaging with the community, and the fans who visit or follow our events. And what would be the best place to kick off the Community Hub? That's right, face-to-face at ESL One Cologne 2018!

what we're looking for:

passion for esports

We are looking for people who love esports just as much as we do. We don't care who you are, how old you are, how many followers you have, what you identify as, or if you like pineapple on your pizza. As long as you share the same passion for esports, we can be friends. Best friends!

valuable feedback

We read everything that's posted on reddit, HLTV, Twitter and Facebook about us. But as they say, too many cooks spoil the broth and things get messed up. That's why we want to start a direct conversation. Because we care. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. We wanna hear about it all.

apply for a spot

This is not some kind of marketing stunt where applicants need a ticket to even have a chance to get selected for the ESL Community Hub. We'll invite the ones that are curious and enthusiastic about the things we do and know how to share their feedback and criticism. Saaaaaaaafespace! 

meet ESL


The infamous crtmn. Some might still know him from the good old days when he used to be an admin. Now he's our senior product manager and makes ESL One events happen.


Jup, that's the guy who sends you all those emails about our events. Kai has been with ESL for more than 13 years and is still trying to get somewhat decent in Dota. At least he's trying. 


3,843 hours on record in CS:GO and an anime steam avatar are two things you didn't need to know about Pat. What you need to know: she tries to make awesome stuff like this happen. 

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