ESL One - Battlefield 4 - Cup 1 - Spring 2015
2015-02-03 18:00:00Z

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Fall 2014


eSports 101

New to the competitive scene of Battlefield 4 but interested in what is going on? We got you covered. Introducing the eSports 101, a series of articles to get you informed about the ins and outs of the competitive Battlefield 4 scene.

Map Introductions Gameplay Introductions
Dawnbreaker Gamemode: Domination
Lancang Dam Weapons and Attachments
Golmud Railway
Paracel Storm
Operation Locker
Zavod 311
Siege of Shanghai

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Our Vision

,,In the ESL One, old superstars and new up-and-coming stars meet to fight for the prestigious championship title. While our tournament is open to anyone, you need to be on top of your game to make it far. This is what competition is all about.
- Alexander 'crtmN' Nehr, Man in charge