Spring Season 2015


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RT @thewhitewalrus: Squad Obliteration 2.0 finally drops tomorrow.Thanks to everyone in the community for all the help! @crazybas91 @x3opyo…
[EU] Congratulations to @FNATIC for winning our @ESL #Go4BF4 #58 and €100. Check out the Top 3 Teams here: t.co/7Wbqyl49wg #BF4
Check out the #ESLOne Battlefield 4 Spring Season groups Europe! #BF4 t.co/XWxVmWyaqc t.co/mhBVVT3DHy
We are live! #ESL One @Battlefield with Americas first Cup live on @ESL TV. Tune in here: t.co/9xmLXP5axp t.co/aWgxpn0naV
RT @BrettFX: Two hours left to sign up for the @ESLBattlefield #ESLONE NA/SA cup #1 t.co/Selpv2wfOe

Our Vision

,,In the ESL One, old superstars and new up-and-coming stars meet to fight for the prestigious championship title. While our tournament is open to anyone, you need to be on top of your game to make it far. This is what competition is all about.
- Alexander 'crtmN' Nehr, Man in charge