Summer Season 2015

  • Introducing the groups for the Summer season clash at @gamescom! #ESLOne  > Link  > Link
  • @L3XIEEEE @GabrielCassel @S8Fii @fnatic2Easy It wont be empty for long ;)
  • @hossC4moss_GA we will check on that and will bring in the future America Cups as well.
  • Time for the Grand Final of the #Go4BF4 Final July 2015: @FNATIC vs @InFamouS_eSport on  > Link #BF4  > Link
  • Next up in the #Go4BF4 Final July 2015 is @FNATIC vs @Epsilon_eSports with @MiloshTheMedic on  > Link  > Link
  • Watch live the #Go4BF4 Final July 2015: @Epsilon_eSports vs @Team_LeiSuRe with @MiloshTheMedic  > Link  > Link
  • [EU] We have just announced our @NEEDforSEAT raffle in August. Play at least 15 VERSUS matches to join it -  > Link
  • [America][PC] Join tomorrows #BF4 Squad Obliteration NightCup #5 at 7:30pm EDT/8:30pm BRT:  > Link  > Link
  • With the release of Windows 10, we updated ESL Anti Cheat to support it! More information:  > Link
  • @FuriouSG_ @ESLFrance @ESL your ticket will be worked on, please be patient.