Summer Season 2015

  • [PC][X1] We will announce tomorrow the Groups for the 10on10 Conquest Open League Summer on PC and Xbox One. First matchweek: 9th July.
  • @Fnatic_DRUNKKZ3 @PENTA_Sports @FNATIC Congratulations!
  • We are heading now into the Final between @FNATIC and @PENTA_Sports live on @ESL TV:  > Link #BF4  > Link
  • [America][PC] Check out our @ESL American Summer Qualifier Cup #3 Recap:  > Link  > Link
  • It's time for the semi final now. @FNATIC vs @InFamouS_eSport live on @ESL TV:  > Link #BF4 #ESLOne  > Link
  • @Mankil987 by the end of this week.
  • Next up is the #ESLOne quarter Final between @Epsilon_eSports and #HouseHupsux live here:  > Link #BF4  > Link
  • [EU] We are live with the 5th #ESLOne Summer Cup on @ESL TV with @JKaplan and @MyNameIsMachine  > Link  > Link
  • @SynnEXC you're welcome.
  • @SynnEXC yes the AN-94 is allowed in all our Leagues and Cups.