Spring Season 2015

  • [EU][PC] In 24h the #Go4BF4 Cup #69 starts and you can still sign up and win €100:  > Link #BF4  > Link
  • The #throwbacktuesday continues: @FNATIC wins their first #BF4 #ESLOne Season in Spring 2014:  > Link  > Link
  • [America][Xbox] Join the @ScufGaming #BF4 Cup series and win five $100 vouchers. Sign up:  > Link  > Link
  • Do you remember the first #ESLOne Season and @myMYMcom becoming the first #BF4 Champion ever? #throwbacktuesday  > Link
  • @Mankil987 write in our forum and let other people comment on it as well so we can see how much interest there is:  > Link
  • @fabE_CaMBaZ @zQSaboy yes it is, have fun playing #BFHardline in ESL.
  • @Mankil987 if there is interest from our Community then we can of course open a Ladder for Hardline on PC as well
  • @Vivid_eS @LevelBF @AeroRetweets Check out the Recruitment thread in our forum to find players for your Team:  > Link
  • Have you seen our #ESLOne #BF4 Spring Finals 2015 Photo Album yet? Check them out here:  > Link  > Link
  • @NamikazeNathan thank you ;) Have fun playing Battlefield in the ESL.